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Chesney Shores, 60046 Cut The Cable Cord
Cut The Cable Cord Chesney Shores, and across 60046
Cut The Cord 2017 we will help you find the best streaming device to replace cable and other options for your household.
How to cut the cable cord and save money in 2017

Cord cutting for cable in 2017 is about to hit an all time high. Never before in the history of television have there been more ways to obtain shows, baseball games, news and movies without a cable subscription.  Looking to "cut the Cable cord" ??  Now it is easier than ever.  With the change over to a "digital" signal in 2009, then it became easy to get local channel in a market. 

Depending upon where you live and where the TV transmitter towers are in the downtown area of the city you live, may determine the type of range of antenna you will need.  We offer the best brands out there in Channel Master and Wyngard.  There is a lot of options out there, but with antennas like a lot of stuff you may see or on the internet - "you get what you pay for".
Several factors help in determining the TV Antenna signal
Your elevation of your home, the topography, and even if it is a one story or a 2 story home.  We make sure we recommend the right type of antenna so that not only on sunny days you get great reception but on those dark, dreary, cloudy days thru the late Fall into the doldrums of winter and the rainy Spring we get you great reception.

With our satellite TV background and experience of 14 years, we make sure the HDTV Antenna is mounted and secured properly and dialed in so that great signal is achieved on a daily basis.  Typically out of a HDTV Antenna install, we will get 35-45 channel sand in a lot of cases it may be more than that.

Once again, it all depends upon where you live, your surroundings, and where the TV towers are.  If you are close to 2 markets, you may be able to get a rotor so you can turn your HDTV Antenna and point to 2 different markets to get local channels. 

Directv Deals and Bundles to Switch Chesney Shores, and across 60046
Although you have many positives with cutting the cord, there are a few down sides:  no whole-home DVR, no other "Cable or Satellite channels" because if you go with a HDTV Antenna, you just have the local channels in your home market.  There are ways to get other content but usually it is delayed coming out a day or up to a week.  The biggest drawback to a HDTV Antenna is the loss of sports.  Many sporting events are not on local channels and especially your hometown baseball and basketball teams.

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