Home Theater
Sony Authorized Dealer

I am an authorized dealer for Sony for HDTV’s & all aspects of Home Theatre. (Sony determines their pricing so mine is the same as Best Buy, American, etc…)

With the addition of Sony, we can do Home Theatre; from a Blu Ray player, a couple of speakers to a complete Dolby Surround Sound System. We can wire up what you have or offer you an assortment of entry level equipment to the top of the shelf equipment. Once again, we offer a FREE consultation to determine what may help you “improve your entertainment world” all within your budget!

I have my own people to install all of the above, I know that people’s homes & businesses are their most prized possession and asset and we pride ourselves to make sure the job is done right to your satisfaction!!

We take the “consultative approach” and offer these services for BOTH residential & commercial applications to help in your decision making process. Specifically, we can do the following:

Since Sony determines the pricing to us dealers, my pricing is the same as Best buy, American TV, etc. The advantage we provide is that we can get you what you need in 1 transaction instead of shopping over 50 brands of HDTV’s. Sony is ranked among the best!
A FREE Entertainment Survey
We would come into the house or business & do an analysis to see what you are trying to accomplish within your budget & overall how the installation would go.
House Calls
We can meet with people at night or on the weekends to discuss the services we offer. Or for a business, we will set up an appointment that is convenient for them.

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