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10 things you need to know about HDTV Antennas

Several factors in HDTV Antenna Installation help in determining the signal strength. The elevation of your home, the size of your home (if it is a one story or a 2 story home) and the topography of your neighborhood all play a role. We make sure we recommend the right type of antenna so we get you the best reception.

If you are close to 2 markets, or in range of multiple towers, you may be able to get a rotor so you can turn your HDTV Antenna and point to the strongest signal to get your local channels. Typically out of a HDTV Antenna Installation we will get 35-45 channels and in a lot of cases it may be more.

How to Install an HDTV Antenna

Once you've decided on your HDTV Antenna, (you can always send us a message and we'll help you determine the best one) finding the right location for your TV antenna isn't always easy. An easy way would be to contact a professional HDTV Antenna Installer to locate the best towers and install your antenna at the best angle. Call Sight & Sound Solutions or send us a message for help installing your HDTV Antenna to maximize your channels.

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